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Meet The Skipper




Hi, My name is Dessie and I am the skipper of "Brothers" Pleasure Trips & Deep Sea Angling Vessel.


Here is a little bit of history about me and my involvement in deep sea fishing.



I have been fishing locally for over 40 years. The "Stewart Family" is synonymous with fishing in Portrush. My family have had a generation of fishing, almost 200 years, my father, grandfather and great grandfather all fished out of Portrush, all professional fishermen.

I can say without doubt that I am the most experienced skipper presently fishing out of Portrush Harbour. I have a vast knowledge and expertise in deep sea fishing, you will not find a more capable or competent skipper.

I have had anglers from all over the world hiring my fishing vessel, so I use my vast knowledge and experience as a skipper to take you to the best and fruitful fishing grounds



  Please give me a call for any further information:  077 0205 2918




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